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How to Keep Your Pants On Part 1 of 11

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If you’ve ever lost your pants, then you know keeping your pants on can be a daunting task. Before diving into the problem, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with a few terms. Let’s start with an easy one: Buckle.

A buckle, when referring to a belt buckle, is an attachment that will hold your belt together securely. The word “buckle” can also be used as a verb, as in “buckle up,” or “buckle down,” or “buckle that belt, your pants are fallin’!”

Belt Buckles were originally made out of bronze and were used by ancient Romans to fasten their armor together. The Romans didn’t want their armor falling off during battle. Be like the Romans. Keep your pants secured snugly in your moment of need. You’re unlikely to battle in body armor as the Romans did, so let’s adapt this scenario to modern day life. You walk into an interview. In one hand you hold your briefcase. In your other hand you hold a piece of leather wrapped around your pants because you forgot your belt buckle. The interviewer reaches out to shake your hand. You release your hand from the piece of leather to shake the interviewer’s hand. Now your pants are down. You immediately buckle your knees to prevent your pants from falling to your ankles. Your quick thinking doesn’t help your appearance. You stand awkwardly pigeon toed and you’re wearing an old, off-white pair of underwear. Upon a closer look, they’re beginning to show holes. You’ll have difficulty rebounding in this interview. Most interviewers will correlate your off-white undies to a sense of self-loathing. Though you stand in defeat, you lost much earlier in the day when you decided not to wear a Johnson and Held buckle.

Here’s the same scenario except now you’re wearing a Johnson and Held belt buckle. You walk into an interview. In one hand you hold your briefcase. Your other hand is free and swings confidently as you strut. Your belt buckle draws the interviewer’s attention. They ask about the logo on it. You respond, “It’s custom. The logo for my side business.” The interviewer bends down to take a closer look. You stand tall. “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” the interviewer says. “You wouldn’t have,” you say. “It’s one of a kind and we haven’t met.” The interviewer asks about your side business and you talk all about it. Your conversation fascinates the interviewer so much, standard interview questions about why you’re the right person for the job fall by the wayside. Time flies by and the interviewer says you’ll have to speak again. The interviewer doesn’t forget you or your custom buckle. You receive a business card and a phone call three days later. The job is yours… if you want it.

In other words, your Johnson and Held buckle is much more than the device holding your belt together to keep your pants on. The buckle is the spark that ignites the conversation that impresses the interviewer who offers you the job. Plus, it buys you time to run to the store to replace your worn out underwear.