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Bolo Ties

In 2007 New Mexico stole the Bolo Tie, and made it their state's official neckwear. As a Colorado company we would like to point out that the Bolo has been around for a long time. In the 1950's bolos were part of the Rockabilly look and were even popular in the United Kingdom. A gentlemen in Arizona claims to have invented the bolo in the 1940's - one problem - there are examples that date back to 1866.

We don't claim to have invented the bolo, but we do claim to have perfected the art. As is the case with our buckles we hand craft our bolo ties. We draw the designs by hand, cut the metal by hand, solder, inlay, and sand paint, all by hand. Our bolos are equally detailed and intricate as our buckles. We don't picture many of our bolos because we make bolos using all the same designs as our buckles. The bolos are merely a small sampling of all the options. Take a look through our buckles, find a design you like, and a couple of weeks later (yes it takes us a couple of weeks to hand craft a bolo), you will be wearing a hand crafted work of art around your neck. It is the necktie of choice for governors (New Mexico's Bill Richardson, Montana's Brain Schwitzer) and music legends (look at the album art on Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love).

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