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Custom & Trophy

Commemorate your company or career, preserve a memory, or make your own superhero logo. A J&H Buckle is an enduring piece of art inspired by your life.

We can take your idea and turn it into a work of art. From something as simple as a sketch, your initials, or a logo, we will create a buckle that you will be proud to wear for generations.

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How It Works


  • You send us pictures,
  • doodles, or descriptions.


  • Our designer will find the best way
  • to make your idea into a buckle design.


  • Your buckle will be handcrafted
  • by our experienced team.

Gallery of Designs

What People Are Saying

My parents were speechless for about a minute--just staring at the buckles. Then my mom got teary eyed and my dad got this goofy smile on his face and said, "well I'll be darned." Now, They can't stop talking about their buckles. :)

Best. Gift. Ever.

L. Halloran

I got my buckle yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You guys do amazing work, please spread the word around the shop. Thank you so much! It's better than I imagined.

Hope to do business with you again!

C. Baker

I received my belt buckle last night - it's gorgeous! Thank you so much for all your help! I will definitely be back someday to create one for myself!

E. Carlson

Thank you. The buckle arrived today. It's beautiful!!! Please thank everyone for the fine work, and a special thanks to whomever included the National Geographic Magazine with A.C. on the cover. My wife will be thrilled beyond words for this gift.

Thanks again….

J. Day

We received the buckle and belt the other day and my son is enamored!

Thank you for such a stellar product!

J. Bartlett

Just received in the mail, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Thank you very much! My husband is going to love it.

S. Lowe

Frequently Asked Questions

When you say custom, do you mean I have to pick images out of a catalog?

Absolutely not! We can incorporate your logo, design or sketch. We have the ability to customize images, sizes, shapes and colors. You name it because it’s your belt buckle.

What do you mean when you say handcrafted?

When we say handcrafted, here's what we mean. We create your design to match your idea. Once upon a time we used a jeweler's saw to hand cut the metal. Due to increasing demand, now we cut the metal using a laser or water jet machine. We solder the metal together. We pour in resin and cure it with heat. Our engraver spends time individually designing a pattern for your buckle. When he engraves, he rotates his wrist to drive a screwdriver like tool into the metal. He focuses on every individual mark. We practice an old craft and do fine work.

Why does handcrafted matter?

Folks say the devil is in the details. This is detailed work. Every buckle is a unique piece of art. When you buy a handcrafted buckle, you buy it to make a statement.

What is the difference between a cast buckle and a handcrafted buckle?

Each handcrafted buckle takes several hours to create. Each buckle requires meticulous construction by our craftsmen. Cast buckles require crafting one mold and then replicating each buckle. There is craftsmanship in casting as well, but it’s a different style of buckle. Here’s an analogy. Buying a cast buckle is like buying a poster or print. Buying a handcrafted buckle is like buying an original painting.

Wait, don’t you offer cast buckles?

Of course! Sometimes all you need is a poster to hang on your wall.

How does a buckle connect to a belt?

The buckle has a loop (aka a keeper) on the back of it with a centering piece. You slide the belt through the loop and double back to snap the belt into place. The back of the buckle also has a pin. The pin hooks through one of the notches in your belt.

What types of metal do you use?

We primarily craft our belt buckles using bronze, nickel silver and copper. We often use sterling silver and gold as well.

What type of inlays do you offer?

We inlay several types of decorative resin stone. We also use resin to provide a colorful, smooth finish.

What types of wood do you offer?

We no longer offer wood inlay. Years ago, we offered ironwood, bloodwood, mun wood, and vega wood. We used select woods for their different colors. Our most popular wood was ironwood. It was a deep, rich brown.

What types of decorative stone do you offer?

We use a few different types of decorative stone. If you have a color in mind, we’ll find the nearest match. We inlay reconstituted stone in order to provide a wide variety of colors.

What is resin?

If we dig through our science books, we find that resin is a polymer. If that answer doesn’t help, maybe the next one will. Resin is what dentures are made of. The important thing is we can match colors in your logo or design using resin.

How long does the custom process take?

We’ll provide you with artwork in about one week. Once you approve the artwork, we usually require about three weeks to craft your belt buckle. Larger orders may take four to six weeks. That said, we are happy to work within your timeframe. Need a buckle next week? We’ll let you know if we can do it.

What sizes do you recommend?

We handcraft our buckles from start to finish, so we can make almost any wearable size. Our most popular oval size is 3.75 in by 2.75 in. Our most popular rectangle is 3 in by 2 in.

How does size affect the design?

The bigger the buckle, the more we can put on it. As a buckle becomes smaller, we can fit fewer letters and design elements. Our designers are happy to assist with suggestions.

What shapes do you recommend?

We customize shapes as well. Our most popular shapes are consistently a rectangle and an oval. We’re happy to recommend shapes based on the look of your logo. For example, a wide, short logo would look great on a rectangular buckle.

How do you finish the buckle?

Usually we buff your belt buckle to a high polish. If you prefer a different look, we offer matte and heavily engraved finishes as well.

Where are your belt buckles made?

We’re locally owned and operated in Colorado, and we design all of our buckles in Denver. While we almost exclusively made buckles in Colorado for about 40 years, now we’re proud to partner with a second generation family business out of Mexico to create the majority of our handcrafted belt buckles. We continue to make a smaller percentage in-state, and we craft select buckles in the Midwest and other parts of the US.

Do you offer a discount if I order a lot of belt buckles?

We offer quantity discounts on handcrafted and cast buckles. Give us a call, or send us an email to discuss.

How to Get in Contact with Us

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