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Motorcycle Clubs

I am not going to pretend to be an expert on motorcycle clubs. In fact, the majority of what I know I learned from watching Marlon Brando in The Wild One. So rather than pretend, I will highlight some things that our motorcycle club customers have told us they appreciate about Johnson & Held:

  • Your buckles will be made by metal workers and craftsmen who have been doing this for decades. Literally.
  • We can customize your buckle with names, chapters, handles, you name it.
  • We are not just talking about club names here – we can add member names, nick names etc – making each buckle personalized.
  • Our buckles are finely crafted and hand engraved.
  • We can manufacture your buckle in as little as four weeks.
  • We will deliver your buckles on time and on budget.

Our old text on this page used to say: “so sit back, grab a cold one, and check out our gallery of past designs.” This was stupid for a few reasons. The “gallery” of 7 pictures is only a handful of the buckles we’ve designed and created for clubs. The real number is over 100 clubs but most of you don’t want us to put your buckles up on our page. We get that – so we don’t. Also, who the hell sits back with a beer at their computer to think about belt buckles?

Here is my thought – want a buckle? Email us (below) or give us a call (800) 525-3470 or (303) 934-4729.


We keep the process pretty easy. You send us a picture of your patch. We convert that into a drawing of a buckle and send it back to you to make sure you are happy. Once we’ve confirmed it’s what you want, we make your buckle.

What type of buckle would you like to make?.