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Trophy & Fair Buckles

Stateline Spectacular

Ohio National

We have been making trophy buckles for more than 40 years. What might surprise you is the following – if you are looking for cheap poured or stamped participant buckles, turn to someone else. We are a small company so we don’t sponsor a team, we don’t sponsor rodeos, and we won’t ask for advertising space in the arena.

What we can guarantee you – your handcrafted trophy buckles will be gorgeous and your participants will be proud to wear them. We have decided to focus on what we are good at – making buckles and delivering them on time and within budget.

Each trophy buckle is meticulously crafted to meet your exact specifications. Whether you have a large or small event we can custom make trophy buckles with the names, categories, year, location, symbols etc… Your options are limitless. We can create any shape and size, traditional or contemporary. Other ways we are different – we don’t have a minimum order size, and don’t charge high setup fees. Let us create a trophy buckle worthy of the people who have worked so hard to win them.

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Examples of our Work

Buckles Aren't Just for Rodeos Anymore

Let us at J&H let you in on a secret the rodeo guys have known for ages - the best trophy is one you can wear. A buckle is a conversation starter, it is a subtle way to acknowledge your accomplishments (or not so subtle depending on the size of the buckle), and it is unique. Your participants don’t need another trophy for the mantle. They’ve probably already won plenty. Let me also describe the life cycle of that trophy – it will be placed on the mantle with the other trophies, your event never to be mentioned again unless someone happens to be picking through the trophies and reading the size 14 font on the name plate, and then it gets thrown in the trash when it is bumped off the mantle and breaks into 20 pieces. What happens to a trophy buckle? It gets worn. People ask questions of the wearer. They decide that if this guy can win, I definitely have a shot. In short, trophy buckles generate buzz about your event and, in doing so, deliver more participants.

Let me give you a few examples of non-rodeo trophy buckles. Vail wanted to give out a trophy buckle for their Ski Patroller of the Year (it is in the gallery above). I have it on good authority that these skiers fought hard to win this buckle. When the USA Pro Cycling Challenge was looking for a unique stage win trophy – they turned to Johnson & Held. You can read the story here. Vail could have given out a plaque, and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge could have given out another jersey. My bet – neither of them would have been mounted or worn. We can more or less guarantee that our buckles have made it to a bar . . . or ten. As is the case with all of our custom buckle, we try to make this easy. Provide us with your event logo, or image you want on a buckle. We can take it from there. We have a few decades of experience.

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